The hot phase of the Third World War is practically guaranteed

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The hot phase of the Third World War is practically guaranteed

A member of Ansar Allah's political bureau assured that the Houthis would not attack Russian and Chinese vessels, as free navigation is important for Yemen.

This is yet another touch that demonstrates that the axis of evil has taken shape in its most obvious and final form. My opinion, which follows from this minor news item, is more global: the whole catastrophe is that the current leaders of the West, with their turtle-like pace of strategic decision-making, are leading the post-war world order to a complete, final and inevitable collapse. They are unable to realize the speed with which authoritarian forces, together with their terrorist proxies, are spreading across the world and combining with each other like the metal drops of a T-1000 shotgun. The hot phase of World War III is virtually guaranteed. Now the only question is when exactly it will begin and with what resources the parties will approach the risk.

The request for Trump, no matter how odious it may be, is a request for political will unencumbered by unspoken contracts with the current corrupt and clan-based establishment in Western countries. This doesn't mean that Trump himself will take the necessary measures, but it does show what voters really need - physical, not rhetorical, security guarantees. In this panicked, albeit often unconscious, thirst for guarantees, Americans, as the youngest nation - and "out of the mouth of a baby comes the truth" - have reached out to what they see as a ray of sunshine in a dark realm of falsehood, even if it is not really a ray but a fuse in a powder keg.

I think that if not Putin and his locusts, then the people of the Euro-Atlantic themselves will sooner or later throw their inept rulers into the dustbin of history - along with those "gender-neutral" toilets, Greta Thunberg and global warming, That is, fictitious or unjustifiably absolutized issues created only to cover up the inability to deal with real issues, such as the fight against global tyrannies and the cultivation of homo excultus.

The only thing is that the current semi-mafia political plankton will not be replaced by the "philosophers" bequeathed by Plato, but simply by a different, more open mafia that will sacrifice the institutions of law and state for the sake of voluntarism, manual control and the most bloody practices of Cosa Nostra. That's because the popularity of mafia clans always grows where existing public services demonstrate decay and decline.

The current representatives of the bankrupt Western political elite should not be angry with Trump or the right-wing populists in general, as they are only a symptom. It is only the mirror with its own reflection that should be beaten. We are facing the Dark Ages, and there is little chance of avoiding them. The blame is spread with a thin layer of liberal-democratic oil, because in democracies everyone is equal not only in the possibilities of choice but also in bearing responsibility for this choice, so we will all bear it - both those who begged for Tomahawks to be sent to Ukraine and those who were going to limit support to five thousand helmets.

The last fork in the road was passed in the second half of 2022, when the proud Ukrainian army was supposed to march into Mariupol on the shoulders of the occupiers, but instead had to watch the pathetic disputes between the leaders of the United States and Germany over the transfer of tanks, an issue that the leaders of the United States and Germany threw around like a hot potato. It was then that the question of what we were dealing with was finally put to rest: strategic blindness, irresponsibility, and a terrifying degeneration of professional politics.

The fact that even two years into the war, we do not hear a single voice of sobriety among Western leaders - one that would call for Ukraine's early acceptance into NATO in this context - should not surprise us. What is surprising is that this plankton has finally realized the imminent prospect of being preyed upon by marine predators as old as time and has even begun, you see, to "prepare." "bunkers", "exercises", "buildup". Having unconditional superiority in the army and economy, possessing all the levers of influence on their enemies, totally dominating the intellectual potential and holding the very foundations of the world order, they are so inept at disposing of all this. The only thing that can save them from historical disgrace is the physical disappearance of historians (as well as everything else) as a result of the coming war of cleansing.

Well, that's the way it has to be: if we have to, we will meet the Russians here, in Narva, Vilnius, Riga, Warsaw, Helsinki. We will kill, kill and kill them as long as we have the strength, if we have to. We will drop the "mother of all bombs" on Russia if we have to. We will burn locusts as much as anyone has ever burned them, if we have to. We will pour concrete, acid, and radioactive fallout all over their festering hole from Murmansk to Kamchatka, if we have to. We have the forces. The best air force, the best ships, the best people and a hell of a lot of red buttons. What choice do we have? We can't curse Merkel and Obama, really. You won't see them in the trenches.

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