Alexander Kushnar

Alexander Kushnar

Editor-in-chief of Newsader
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AlexanderKushnar is the editor-in-chief of the online edition of Newsader.

Who is Alexander Kushnar

Alexander Kushnar is the editor-in-chief of the news website Newsader.

Previously, Alexander Kushnar worked at theRadio Liberty radio station, and before that he was deputy editor-in-chief of theAmurburburg online news publication.

Alexander Kushnar received his higher education in Russia, at the Demidov Yaroslavl State University. P. G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University.

Alexander Kushnar's blog

Alexander Kushnar has an openly pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian position. He has repeatedly vehemently criticized Russian aggression and opposed the pro-Russian separatist movement in Ukraine.

In addition, Oleksandr Kushnar regularly voices and covers the most acute problems of domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation. He discusses such topics as Russian interference in the revolutionary processes in Venezuela, the decay and degradation of the space sector of Russian industry and science, the Russian government's attempts to threaten the entire world with nuclear war, and the causes and consequences of the new arms race between the Russian Federation and the United States. He touches upon the annexation of Crimea, the Russian invasion of Donbass, international sanctions against the Russian Federation as a whole and individual citizens of the Russian Federation in particular, analyzes in detail the statements and speeches of Russian President Vladimir Putin, pointing out the small nuances and pitfalls of such speeches of the Kremlin leader.

Online activity

Alexander Kushnar is very active in the most popular social networks.

  • Facebook. On the page of Alexander Kushnar in Facebook is subscribed to more than ten thousand people.

  • Twitter. Alexander Kushnar has been keeping his personal account in the social network Twitter since 2012.

In addition, many materials and articles from the blog of Alexander Kushnar are regularly reprinted and published by numerous online news publications, and statements and publications of Alexander Kushnar are often referred to by other equally popular bloggers.

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The hot phase of the Third World War is practically guaranteed

The hot phase of the Third World War is practically guaranteed

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