Bezsmertnyi explained why France decided to send its ambassador to Putin's "inauguration"

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Roman Bezsmertnyi. Photo from his personal Facebook page

France sent its ambassador to the "inauguration" of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin because of certain financial, commercial, and humanitarian ties with Russia. Democratic countries should avoid such steps, while the presence of ambassadors should not be overestimated.

This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian diplomat Roman Bezmertnyi in an interview with OBOZ.TALK. He recalled that when he was ambassador to Belarus, he did not attend the inauguration of dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

"I know what it is like not to go to the inauguration of an Ogre because I was among those who did not go to one of the inaugurations of the neighboring Lukashenko. Usually, the next step is to call the Foreign Ministry and write a note of protest. As for the ambassador attending such a procedure, this is a common thing and it has happened even in the most tense situations," Bezsmertnyi said.

The diplomat added that among the functions of embassies and consulates is to address a number of humanitarian issues.

"Although the appearance of the ambassador is a recognition of the fact that another Ogre has been elected president. Therefore, from the point of view of diplomatic protocol, international relations, the moral and ethical situation in a certain club, let's say, democratic countries, European countries, such things should be avoided," he said.

There are many maneuvers for this, Bezsmertnyi noted. For example, an ambassador, referring to a busy schedule of visits to a certain region of the Russian Federation planned in advance, "due to the fact that he cannot violate it, does not go through with such a procedure," he said.

"However, the right thing to do in such a situation is not to wander between three pines, but simply to say honestly that we, as a democratic state, cannot support the election, let alone the inauguration, of the Ogre, who has reassembled this Fuhrer's throne with such maximum violations. So everything is clear here. Who and where? Those who still have some issues that have not been resolved, those who are in very delicate relations related to certain financial, commercial, humanitarian things, and so on. Therefore, this step is being taken to equalize a certain balance," the diplomat explained.

Bezmertyi believes that the presence of ambassadors at the inauguration of the Kremlin dictator should not be overestimated:

"I would not overestimate the presence of ambassadors, I would hug those who are not there and say that this is a club of people who take a clear position of non-recognition of the violator of the right to vote, freedoms, citizens of the state, who appointed himself not only president, but also emperor and fuhrer, and in general just trolled for these elementary things."

At the same time, the diplomat rejected the possibility that it was Chinese President Xi Jinping who, during his visit to Paris, asked French President Emmanuel Macron to send a representative to Russia.

"I don't believe that such a dialog could have taken place. Xi Jinping is a very high-flying bird, he never stoops to such things. Notice that he speaks in such biblical phrases, so to speak. They are closer to Chinese philosophy, a kind of white verse about everything good versus everything bad, but there are words for bad and good, they don't know what they mean," Bezsmertnyi explained.

According to him, relations between Russia and France "sometimes go through such a tumult that neither Paris understands what Moscow is doing, nor Moscow understands what Paris is doing, especially since Paris's diplomacy is diplomatic diplomacy."

"What the French mean, they cannot explain very often, and only those who do it know. Hence, I do not exclude that there is a certain gesture, or some expectations that they are counting on, which is why this step is being taken. But from the point of view of the EU, its policy, the policy of the EU as a whole, this is a very unpleasant thing of moral and ethical nature, first of all, not political, especially international. I don't want to belittle the role of the French ambassador, it is very important everywhere," says Roman Bezsmertnyi.

In the current situation, "it is obvious that there are certain dialogues and contacts that do not allow this step to be taken, because it is obvious that this step will be the last one that will bring down the system of relations" between Russia and France, he explains:

"Especially since the other day the French ambassador was invited to give explanations about the position of Paris, about the troops sent to Ukraine, President Macron's statements, and so on. Obviously, this issue of the ambassador's presence or absence at the process of this enthronement of the emperor was discussed there as well."

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