The occupants move barges to the Crimean bridge and deploy additional air defense systems - ATESH guerrillas

Crimean bridge
Crimean bridge. Source: Russian media

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, Russian military personnel are strengthening air defense. They are also trying to improve the protection of the Kerch Bridge from surface drones.

This was reported by the ATESH Telegram channel on the evening of June 4. Agents of the resistance movement recorded that the invaders had placed old barges along their bridge to protect the structure from Ukrainian unmanned sea boats.

The enemy has strengthened the defense of the Kerch bridge

The guerrillas also learned that the Russians were deploying additional air defense systems to the Kerch area. Members of the movement managed to record the deployment of the equipment.

"This indicates preparations for an imminent strike on their military logistics. The barge in the port of Kavkaz was only a preparatory stage. We are waiting for the heat. Our agents are working hard to make Crimea a trap for them," patriots who help Ukraine wrote.

They called on like-minded people to ATESH to create victory together.

Occupied Crimea. Map.

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