"Surprises await the Russians": expert explains what to expect from the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Crimean direction. Video

Pavlo Lakiychuk. Source: Facebook

The primary task for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south is to disrupt the enemy's logistics. The Crimean peninsula is a key point in this regard.

Moreover, this task concerns not only the plans to de-occupy the south of our country. At present, the lion's share of the occupiers' army supplies comes through Crimea, so neutralizing the enemy's Crimean logistics means bleeding the invaders' army, explained Pavlo Lakiychuk, Captain of the First Rank, Head of Military Programs at the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI", military expert, on OBOZ.UA.

"Supplying through the Crimean peninsula is a long loop. But it is actively used by the Russians, and they cannot do without it, because the supply through the occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk region runs in close proximity to the front line and is vulnerable to our artillery and missile systems. And the Crimean route was still considered relatively safe," the expert noted.

Lakiychuk compares Crimea to an "unsinkable aircraft carrier".

"It was like that in Soviet times, and it is still considered so. But the network of airfields that is in Crimea now is subject to devastating strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And there are several targets here. These are the airfields themselves, from which the enemy is launching attacks on Ukraine, rocket attacks, bomb attacks on the south of Ukraine. This includes army aviation. This includes Russian patrolling over the Black Sea," he said.

And to aviation we should add Crimean logistics, including transport aviation between the Russian territory and the territory of occupied Crimea.

"All this must be destroyed. The enemy has so far decided that if it is in Crimea, it can move from the affected airfield to another airfield. However, our Defense Forces have already demonstrated that they can reach Feodosia and Kerch. So there are surprises waiting for them there, too. And they will have to flee further to the Krasnodar region, to Rostov region. This is obvious," Lakiychuk said.

As OBOZ.UA reported, about 15 enemy air defense systems have been hit in Crimea over the past two months. Launchers, control centers, and radar surveillance equipment were hit.

According to Western experts, if Ukraine defeats Russia, Crimea, which is currently under enemy occupation, will be decisive. Currently, Ukrainian forces are successfully striking at Russian weapons on the peninsula and attacking the Crimean bridge to disrupt the occupiers' logistics routes.

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