Kremlin's special forces arrive in the occupied Ukrainian territories: DIU names the aggressor's goal

Russia increases pressure on Ukraine's TOT

The Kremlin has sent specially trained units to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to "paint a picture" for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. In particular, they will supervise falsifications and monitor the work of election commissions during the so-called "presidential elections" in Russia.

This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. It is noted that on the eve of the so-called "Putin's elections" Russia is increasing pressure on the TOT of Ukraine.

"To create a fake picture of "support" for the Russian dictator, the occupiers sent specially trained units to these territories to supervise falsifications and monitor the work of the so-called "election commissions," the DIU said.

In particular, one of the tasks of these units is to report on the readiness of employees of enterprises to "vote" by March 10, 2024, and to provide a forecast of "support" for dictator Putin .

The Kremlin has also approved a new "procedure" for conducting "voting" in the TOT of Ukraine. Thus, now it is possible to participate in the illegal "elections" in the occupied territories with both Russian and Ukrainian passports, ID cards or other identity documents.

"This decision demonstrates the failure of forced passportization in the occupied territories of Ukraine, and is another tool of the Russian special services to identify "unreliable" Ukrainians for repression," the intelligence service stated.

At the same time, relying on the instructions from Moscow, the occupation administrations and propagandists are actively spreading fakes about the alleged "85% support" for Putin in the occupied territories, as well as promoting the so-called "phone voter" system, which, in particular, allows "voting" online and "without registration" in the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

As a reminder, the aggressor country Russia is spreading another propaganda narrative that cynically uses alleged Ukrainian prisoners of war. In the Kremlin's video for dictator Putin's "elections", they are forced to give up their Ukrainian passports for Russian ones on camera.

As previously reported, according to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, the aggressor country Russia has launched a new information operation against Ukraine, calling it "Perun". As part of it, the Russians will try to justify Russian military aggression against the Ukrainian state by engaging foreign journalists in propaganda.

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