Pletenchuk: Russia has taken almost the entire fleet from Crimea, only losers remain

Russian Black Sea Fleet. Source: nexta live

Russia's main force in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russian Black Sea Fleet, has now been virtually withdrawn from the peninsula. The ships, including missile carriers, have been moved to the Novorossiysk basing point.

Only one "loser" remains in Crimea - the Cyclone missile carrier, which has not launched a single missile during the full-scale invasion. This was stated by Dmytro Pletenchuk, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, during a telethon.

The Russian invaders have almost completely withdrawn the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet from the temporarily occupied Crimea.

"The fleet was considered their main force in Crimea. Now it has actually left Crimea almost completely. I mean, most of the combat units, if we take cruise missile carriers, have actually all been relocated, except for one loser that has not launched a single missile yet, although it is considered a cruise missile carrier. I'm talking about the Cyclone right now," he said.

According to Pletenchuk, the occupiers tried to hide other warships in Novorossiysk as much as possible.

"We can say that they left there, if not those who are not to be spared, then those who, apparently, simply have no place to be deployed at the Novorossiysk base. Of course, some ships remain there, but the most valuable assets have been withdrawn, if we take the ships," the navy spokesman summarized.

Earlier, British intelligence explained how Ukraine prevents the Russian Navy from demonstrating force in the Black Sea. Lacking its own fleet, Kyiv forced the Russian command to withdraw large warships from the temporarily occupied Crimea and continues to liquidate the remaining vessels.

In particular, Ukraine inflicted effective strikes on the occupiers in Crimea on March 24, when a Russian communications center was hit. Two Ropukha-class landing ships, tanks, and one Yuri Ivanov-class reconnaissance ship were also damaged. This will have serious consequences for the invaders and their fleet on the temporarily occupied Ukrainian peninsula.

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