It's too late to drink Borjomi and new S-500 in Crimea: Budanov commented on the permission to use Western weapons against Russia

Budanov comments on the permission to strike at the territory of the Russian Federation. Source: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Russian occupation forces are already experiencing strikes by the Ukrainian Defense Forces with Western weapons on their territory. It makes no sense for the Russians to prepare for such attacks, as they are already happening and will continue to happen.

This was stated by Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, during a telethon on Wednesday, June 12. According to him, the permission to use Western weapons against Russia will definitely ease the situation at the front, but "no less, no more."

The Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine emphasized that the Russians are already feeling the blows on their territory, and it is too late for them to prepare for them. "As they say, it's too late to drink Borjomi," Budanov said.

He also said that the Russian army is trying to strengthen the air defense system in the temporarily occupied Crimea. The occupiers have deployed the latest elements of the S-500 anti-aircraft missile system there.

"The Russian air defense system is being strengthened. This is quite obvious and understandable. The newest elements of the S-500 have arrived. In principle, this will be their experimental use, but they have already appeared there (in Crimea - Ed.)," the head of the DIU noted.

Budanov added that Russian troops also continue to use the illegally built Kerch Bridge. Most often, they transport personnel there.

"The Kerch bridge is always in use... The main cargo is transported through it, but first of all, it is personnel," the DIU chief added.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, according to Budanov, the frontline is currently going through a difficult period. In particular, the summer counteroffensive of the Russian aggressor country's troops has begun.

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