Destroyed commander of the air defense base in Crimea Kulakov betrayed Ukraine in 2014

Russian commander Alexander Kulakov was killed during a strike on the air defense base on Mount Ai-Petri

The Russian occupier Aleksandr Kulakov, who was killed by the Defense Forces during a missile attack on the radio technical military unit No. 85683 in Crimea, was a traitor to Ukraine. In 2014, he betrayed his oath and went over to the side of the aggressor state of Russia.

This was reported by the Dumskaya newspaper. As you know, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the Russian base on Mount Ai-Petri on May 13. This is a "secret" air defense base of the 3rd Radio Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces.

As the journalists found out, until 2014, Kulakov served in the 40th Radio Engineering Brigade of the Southern Operational Command. During Russia's seizure of Crimea, the command ordered Kulakov to report to mainland Ukraine by May 15, 2014, to continue his service.

However, he did not comply with the order, ignoring his oath.

Kulakov was a career officer who had previously studied at the Donetsk Military Lyceum and Kharkiv Military University.

On May 17, the head of the occupation administration of Alushta, Galina Ogneva, confirmed Kulakov's death. The representative of the occupiers wrote that the invader "died heroically at the cost of his own life as a result of a missile attack on Crimea."

The Russian authorities did not officially report a strike on this military unit. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the missile attack, saying that "four Storm Shadow missiles and seven drones were shot down over the occupied Crimea."

In addition to Kulakov, another soldier was killed and wounded in the attack, the media reported.

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