Bratchuk: Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed fire control over Crimea, life of the bridge is under threat

Bratchuk commented on the explosions in occupied Kerch

The explosions in Kerch are yet another indication that the Ukrainian Defense Forces are in fire control of Russian military facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea. They also say that the Crimean bridge is under threat.

This was stated by the spokesman for the Ukrainian Volunteer Army South, Serhiy Bratchuk, during a telethon. He emphasized that the Russians used to manufacture ships, including missile launchers, at the Zaliv plant, which was destroyed by the defenders.

According to him, this "bavovna" is not being talked about on the peninsula in light of the fact that the Ukrainian forces have received any missiles or other long-range weapons. Although it is possible, the commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk hinted at this.

"If this scalpel has become sharper and it will fly as far as possible, then, of course, this is a great positive for us," Bratchuk said.

Bratchuk: Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed fire control over Crimea, life of the bridge is under threat

He added: when it was claimed that any object on the territory of Crimea is under the fire control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it has now been confirmed. And today there are such locations in every corner of the Ukrainian peninsula.

"If it can even reach Kerch, then the life of the Crimean bridge is under a huge threat," Bratchuk said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, on November 4, Ukraine launched missile strikes against the occupiers in Kerch, hitting the Zaliv shipyard. Although the facility was "protected" by Russian air defense, the strikes caused a fire and damaged the Askold small missile ship of the 22800 Karakurt project.

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