"A new situation will arise": Czech president predicts a "significant shift" in Russian war in Ukraine

Petr Pavel predicts shifts on the battlefield in Ukraine

Czech President and former head of NATO's Military Committee Petr Pavel believes that in 2024, a "significant shift" may occur in the war waged by Russia against Ukraine. In his opinion, the changes will depend on the elections in Russia and the United States.

The politician said this in an interview with Zoznam Zpravy on December 18. Pavel believes that many factors now indicate that these changes will not be for the better.

"So far, everything points to the fact that it will not be in the best sense of the word as we would like it to be. There will be a new situation to deal with," Pavel said.

He noted that the results of the elections in the aggressor country in 2024 are easy to predict. Without any surprises, dictator Putin will become the next president. But as for the elections in the United States of America, Pavel believes that the outcome may not be so clear.

"Waiting for the election will also lead to changes on the battlefield. Putin has made it clear that any peace talks are out of the question until the outcome of the US election is evident," he said.

According to the Czech president, Russian dictator Putin hopes that former US President Donald Trump will win. Pavel believes that Putin and Trump will try to reach an understanding, regardless of what Ukraine or other European countries think about it.

The Kremlin leader, according to the politician, wants a compromise that will make Russia a key player again, and the rest of the states will have to accept it.

"This situation is not favorable for us. Let's see how far such a scenario, as Putin hopes, can be realized," Pavel summed up.

As OBOZ.UA reported earlier, Pavel said that the Ukrainian counteroffensive was not developing as expected due to the insufficiently massive and rapid support from Western partners. The allies delayed the supply of weapons, while Russia used this time to prepare.

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