Usyk's wife tells what's happening in Crimea amid occupiers' panic over Ukrainian army's counter-offensive

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Usyk talks about pride in Ukraine

Many residents of the temporarily occupied Crimea are looking forward to the liberation of the peninsula. At the same time, some people are packing their bags in panic, planning to flee to Russia, amid rumours of an impending counter-offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is causing the occupiers to panic.


Kateryna, the wife of unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, wrote about this on her Instagram page. She expressed her admiration for all Ukrainians who never doubted the victory over the aggressors, and also spoke about how shocked people in different countries are by the resilience of our people.


"I can't understand how you can be offended by your country! It doesn't owe you anything! But you have to be loyal to it, especially if you took an oath to it! I know one thing: Crimea is on fire. Many are waiting for Ukraine, and many are packing their bags and running! And let them run... I agree that any country has a lot of litter, but looking at what Ukrainians are doing, how they have stood up, united, helped... The whole world is in shock. I hear this all the time when I'm in different countries! So, I am proud of everyone who has never doubted us and our victory throughout the war!" - Kateryna said emotionally.



Recall that the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed Usyk firing a mortar at the occupiers' positions. In addition, it became known which section of the frontline the heavyweight champion visited.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, former world champion Nikolay Valuev joined Russian propagandists in harassing Oleksandr Usyk after the boxer visited the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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