The perfect drink for those who want to lose weight: what is known about this seasoning

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A traditional drink from India. Source: Freepik

Turmeric is also known as a valuable ingredient in medicines due to its beneficial properties. The content of curcumin, essential oils, potassium, and linolenic acid gives turmeric anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, and antimicrobial properties, contributing to the health of the body.

Recently, turmeric tea has gained popularity as a drink for healthy weight loss and overall well-being. OBOZ.UA offers you to get acquainted with this spice in our article.

How to make turmeric tea

Here is a simple recipe for turmeric tea that consists of only three ingredients:

  1. Prepare your ingredients: a teaspoon of turmeric paste, half a teaspoon of ginger paste, and a glass of water.
  2. Pour the water into a saucepan and add the ginger and turmeric paste.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil, then turn off the heat.
  4. Let the tea cool to room temperature.
  5. Strain the tea and you can immediately enjoy its beneficial properties and taste.

Turmeric and weight loss

Turmeric tea is not only a pleasant drink, but also a great helper in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Drinking this drink helps relieve stomach disorders such as gas and bloating and regulates bowel movements. In addition, turmeric tea helps to increase the production of bile, which emulsifies fats, contributing to their easier breakdown – making it an ideal drink for those who want to lose weight.

Turmeric and fat storage

Reducing the accumulation of fat around the abdomen is an important step in staying healthy. The metabolic syndrome associated with obesity can be a risk factor for the development of serious diseases. The accumulation of fat in this area leads to metabolic changes in the body, which can cause this syndrome. Studies show that regular consumption of turmeric or turmeric tea can be helpful in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. It aids in weight loss and promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract, helping to ensure a flat tummy.

Turmeric with mint and cinnamon

Adding mint and cinnamon leaves to turmeric tea adds additional benefits to this healthy drink. Mint leaves contain a high amount of fiber, which helps prevent indigestion and stimulates digestive enzymes that help convert fat into energy. In addition, cinnamon has powerful antioxidant properties, and its addition to tea can improve insulin sensitivity, which helps control blood sugar levels.

This combination of ingredients makes turmeric, mint, and cinnamon tea a great drink to support digestive health.

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