The doctor named the main factors that cause allergies in spring

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A doctor told about the factors that cause allergies in spring. Source: Social.com

In spring, allergy sufferers are primarily affected by the flowering of seasonal plants. The first to wake up in late February are trees – birch, alder, hornbeam, oak, and others – and since then, people with allergies have been experiencing discomfort.

Allergist Oleh Nazar told OBOZ.UA about this in a commentary. He noted that around February 27-28, alder begins to bloom, followed by birch, which blooms until May, and then grasses. Wormwood and ragweed begin to bloom in mid-to-late summer.

"These are the most powerful allergens. That's why people feel the first deterioration, even when it's still snowing," the expert explained.

According to him, fruit trees are also blooming alongside the above trees: apricot, cherry, sweet cherry, and apple. They can also affect the condition of an allergic person.

Clear symptoms usually appear when you are outside, especially in the countryside, where there is more vegetation. Also, according to Nazar, if a person lives somewhere not lower than the 5th or 6th floor, he or she may feel uncomfortable when the windows are open. Sneezing, watery eyes, a feeling of sand in the eyes, shortness of breath begin. All this can disappear when the allergic person stays indoors.

"That is, they go to work, home. The windows are closed, the air conditioner is running, so there is no inflow of outside air, and it gets a little better in an hour. When you go outside again, after an hour or so, you feel that something is wrong again. That's why this allergy is called seasonal because it has a clear seasonality – spring, early summer, late summer," the doctor explained.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

– There are a number of indoor plants that you should not have if you or someone close to you, including animals that are prone to allergies. We are talking about different types of ferns, orchids, ivies, ficuses, etc.

– Among garden plants, many plants are pollinated by airborne pollen which can cause hay fever attacks in sensitive people. These plants are confirmed to include thuja, alder, ash, aspen, aspen, beech, and birch.

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