More than just a warm-up every half hour: how to help your back during sedentary work

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Movement is the key to back health. Source: Freepik

Working in an office is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, which directly affects your posture. Sitting at a computer incorrectly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and back injuries.

To minimize the negative impact, you need to choose the right posture. To do this, you should follow a few simple recommendations, OBOZ.UA writes.

Setting up

There is one simple way to determine if you have the right posture. To do this, sit on the edge of a chair and then turn your shoulders and neck forward and slowly pull your head and shoulders up. After that, push your lower back forward and hold for a few seconds. Release your body slightly and you will then be in the correct position.

Body weight

Your body weight directly affects your posture, so it's important to support your body in order to sit properly to avoid back and neck pain. For a healthy posture, make sure your body weight is evenly distributed across your hips. You should position your knees at a right angle to the floor and keep your feet on the ground. If you can't reach the ground, use an ergonomic footrest to help you keep your posture straight.

Screen position

One of the main factors is the location and position of your computer screen. You should position the screen at eye level when working. The screen should be placed at arm's length. You should also adjust the screen position to match your eye level. Life hack: place a stack of books under the computer screen. It is equally important to keep your wrists straight when working with the mouse to avoid muscle tension and fatigue.

Take a break

To maintain proper posture, you also need to take breaks. They will help you warm up and avoid pain. Taking breaks will also help because sitting continuously can also reduce blood circulation in the body. You should take a break every half hour. You can also consider warming up during your breaks to prevent stiffness.

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