How Watching TV Constantly Affects Your Health

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Watching TV can be a harmful addiction

Today, in the era of continuous scientific and technological progress, it is difficult to imagine our lives without TV and gadgets. We are used to getting all the information we need, studying, working and relaxing. With the coronavirus pandemic and social isolation, television viewing time has increased significantly since 2019. On the one hand, it gives us great opportunities to learn, but on the other hand, it negatively affects our health, not only physically but also emotionally.

The behavior of continuously watching two to six episodes of television has been called "binge watching." Psychiatrist Danesh A. Alam told Northwestern Medicine how it can be detrimental to health.

When a person engages in an enjoyable and interesting activity, his brain produces dopamine, the hormone of joy. When you're in that state, you want to stay in it as long as possible. Favorite TV shows tend to make us feel good, which is why we keep watching them. Over time, however, our habits become difficult to change, and an addiction can form.

According to specialists, the constant watching of TV shows can affect different areas of your life. For example, an interest only in TV deprives you of the usual communication with other people, which can lead to a deterioration in relations with friends and family.

In addition, studies have proven that binge watching negatively affects your sleep, disrupts your daily routine and can cause fatigue. At the same time, it causes problems with posture and respiratory function, reduces physical activity, and can contribute to anxiety and depression.

To combat the habit, Danesh A. Alan advises setting a time limit for watching television, combining viewing with other activities such as exercise, or inviting friends over and socializing while watching an interesting show. These simple ways can reduce your time in front of the TV and stay connected to the reality around you.

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