How to protect yourself from air pollution: effective tips

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If possible, do not smoke and do not use scented candles, sticks, air fresheners. Source: pexels

Air pollution is a silent killer. A recent report by the University of Chicago's Energy Policy Institute shows that if pollution levels remain the same as they were two years ago, life expectancy could be reduced.

Given this alarming situation, we must take care of it now. We have put together some tips for you on how to protect yourself.

Exercise indoors

If you live in an environment with a high air quality index, or AQI, do not go for a walk or jog. It sounds difficult, but there is no other way out.

Since the air is very polluted, running will do you more harm. Experts advise residents of polluted areas not to walk.

Grow plants to clean the air, provide maximum ventilation at home

It is also important to have a healthy environment in offices and schools. To ensure this, encourage your colleagues and friends to grow air-purifying plants in their offices, such as aloe vera, ivy, and spider plants.

They are also easy to care for. Suggest the same to your child's school principal. Also make sure your office and home are well ventilated.

Keep your respiratory system healthy by eating these foods

Experts suggest that eating certain foods helps keep your lungs healthy. Jade, for example, removes pollutants from the lungs. It is also a good sugar substitute.

Eat fruits and vegetables that strengthen the immune system. In particular, citrus fruits containing vitamin C, fish rich in omega fatty acids. Drink herbal tea with tulsi, ginger, or green tea daily.

Take a steam bath, open windows in the car

Children, pregnant women, and the elderly are most at risk from polluted air. Therefore, install air purifiers in your rooms and living spaces. Inhaling the vapor removes dust particles from the nostrils and soothes the airways. When combined with eucalyptus oil, it has a number of other benefits.

Before turning on the air conditioner, open the car windows to ensure air flow and outflow.

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