How to effectively organize the process of healthy eating: tips of a nutritionist

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Healthy eating should become a way of life

Probably every person in the world has studied the basics of proper nutrition or gone on diets at some point. This may be due to a desire to lose a few extra pounds or a health condition. Everyone chooses something different for themselves, achieves their goals or is disappointed, but it has long been known that the best results can only be achieved when a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit, not a challenge.

For the proper functioning of the entire body, healthy food should be the basis of the diet throughout life. Healthline, in consultation with nutritionist Jerlyn Jones, has published a selection of tips to help you organize a balanced diet and stick to it.

Plan your menu in advance

If you want to develop a healthy eating habit, planning will help you. Try to develop a healthy menu not for a day, but for at least a week and stick to it. Clearly identify all the main and additional ingredients for your meals and buy only those.

If you don't usually eat out, preparing a large number of meals will be a challenge, so start small. Print out a few recipes and cook according to them, but when ordering out or in a restaurant, try to order food that is as close to healthy as possible.

Make a shopping list

Sometimes going to the store without a shopping list leads to buying unhealthy foods and unnecessary expenses. That's why you should make a list at home that includes only the healthy stuff. As a rule, a healthy diet does not require much variety - it should consist of proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, fresh vegetables and fruits. This is what should be a priority on your list.

For your convenience, highlight the main items - your grocery list might look like this:

Fruits: apples, bananas, citrus fruits, avocados, berries;

Vegetables: broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, spinach, greens, pumpkin, etc;

Beans: beans, beans, chickpeas;

Proteins: eggs, salmon, chicken;

Nuts and seeds: almonds, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter;

Dairyproducts: coconut milk, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt;

Beverages: non-carbonated water, tea or coffee

Other: Spices, natural chips, olive oil, dark chocolate.

Of course, the list can be modified or supplemented depending on your preferences, but these are the foods that should form the basis of a healthy diet.

Make the right stocks

Don't keep junk food at home to avoid temptation. Regularly replenish your stocks of fresh foods with a short shelf life. For quick and easy preparation of your favorite dishes, some foods can be stored frozen. Check your inventory before going to the store and only buy what is missing. This way, you'll learn to cook with only the good stuff and you'll be able to diversify your diet.

Read labels

Always pay attention to the composition of the food you buy. The outer packaging does not always correspond to the quality, because manufacturers add a lot of harmful substances to their products to enhance the taste or extend their shelf life.

If you see refined sugar, highly processed oils, sweeteners in the ingredients, limit your purchases of such products, as they can harm your body. In addition, on the label, you can see the calculation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and energy value - all of which will help you understand whether the product will be beneficial.

As you can see, learning to eat right is easy. However, food should not only bring benefits, but also pleasure. There's nothing wrong with enjoying ice cream or a slice of pizza once in a while. The essence of a balanced diet is that your diet should be based on healthy foods that you can prepare according to your preferences and enjoy to the fullest.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about the pleasure of eating right. The nutritionist noted that a complete rejection of favorite dishes during a diet can negatively affect mental health.

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