Doctors reassure: intercourse is not harmful to the heart

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Intimate relationships bring joy and do not harm the body

The heart is a real "engine" of the human body, and life depends on its proper functioning. Its diseases usually require careful examination and treatment. However, sometimes people with heart disease worry excessively that their lives cannot be fulfilling and that ordinary joys, such as intimate relationships, can harm them. Sexual activity almost never leads to heart problems or sudden death.

People with congenital, hereditary, or acquired heart disease can be calm and enjoy life to the fullest. These conclusions of doctors were reported by la Repubblica on its website.

Fears of sudden death during sexual intercourse have arisen because most people consider sexual activity to be intense and capable of affecting the heart. However, a recent American study refutes this fact and gives hope.

The review analyzed the medical records of patients who died suddenly over the past 15 years (6847 people) at a British university's cardiology center. Only 17 of them had a heart attack during intercourse or within an hour of it, meaning that the probability was approximately 0.2%.

In addition, the data from the experiment reveal interesting facts. Thus, they showed that the minimal risk of dying during sex exists not only in men but also in women (6 cases out of 17). The average age of patients also does not indicate a risk for the elderly, as it was 38 years old.

A thorough analysis also proved that cardiac arrest could have been caused by another heart disease, such as sudden arrhythmic death syndrome.

Therefore, experts assure that sexual activity does not lead to heart disease and sudden death . Thus, intimate relationships are good for the body at any age, or at least not more dangerous than other active activities.

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