Doctors debunk the myth behind knuckle cracking: what are the consequences

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Knuckle crack due to their structure

We or our friends often crack our knucles without even noticing it. Usually, we hear that this has a very bad effect on joint health and leads to arthritis. However, scientists refute this fact and emphasize that this process does not cause any significant harm.

Surprisingly, such a simple thing as knuckle cracking has been the subject of many scientific studies. Robert H. Shmerling, MD, a former practicing rheumatologist, describes their results on the Harward Health Publishing electronic resource.

Many people have the habit of cracking their knuckles from time to time, and it is explained by their ability to calm down or relieve tension in this way.

The cracking of the joints occurs due to the distance between them, where gas bubbles in the joint fluid are ruptured during the cracking process. Since they need time to recover, it is impossible to break the same joint twice.

The doctor notes that knuckle cracking does not lead to harmful consequences. It can only cause tendon damage.in rare cases

In support of his words, the rheumatologist cites the experiment of Dr. Donald L. Unger from California, who regularly cracked the knuckles on one hand throughout his life. By comparing X-rays of his hands, he made sure that arthritis progressed equally in both hands with age. A later study only confirmed his findings.

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