Wants to "ignore" the war against Ukraine: ISW explains Putin's plan for the presidential campaign

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ISW explained Putin's plan for the presidential campaign

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for the 2024 presidential election, but he will not focus his campaign on the war against Ukraine. Rather, he will focus on the country's alleged "stability" and traditional criticism of the West.

The dictator will continue to tell Russians how "difficult" life is for people in Europe and how Russia is "prospering" against this background. This is stated in the report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to Russian media, which cite sources close to the Kremlin, Putin's new presidential campaign will be aimed at presenting him as a leader who has made Russia an "island of peace."

According to them, the dictator's ratings rise after speeches in which he criticizes the West. Therefore, state propaganda will promote this theme by publishing more frequent stories about "difficulties" in Western countries and the alleged inability of the United States to simultaneously support Ukraine and Israel in wars.

Wants to ''ignore'' the war against Ukraine: ISW explains Putin's plan for the presidential campaign

These sources also emphasized that Putin will avoid discussing the war against Ukraine, speaking about it only in case of "very serious success" of the occupiers on the front. The Kremlin leader is going to announce his election campaign this month, and Russian sources note that it "will not explicitly promote the war."

ISW recalled that Putin had previously downplayed the significance of the Russian Armed Forces' offensive near Avdiivka, calling it "active defense," which is consistent with the above reports.

Putin's United Russia party has also realized that using the war theme in its campaigns for the September 2023 State Duma elections was ineffective and counterproductive.

"However, the Kremlin's and United Russia's concern about domestic support for the war is not an indicator that the party and Putin's dominance in Russian politics face a legitimate threat in the upcoming presidential election," the analysts said.

They noted that such an election campaign structure, if it occurs, would only double down on Putin's refusal to mobilize Russian society on a military basis and could increase the information costs necessary to support a long-term military effort against Ukraine.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the Russian government has tested a new electronic voting system before the presidential elections to be held in March 2024. It is assumed that it is aimed at making Putin the winner of the election.

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