Ukraine stopped sugar exports to the EU: what are the reasons

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Ukraine has stopped sugar exports
Ukraine has stopped sugar exports. Source: Freepik

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has suspended sugar exports to the EU until the end of 2024, setting the sugar export quota at zero. This decision was made due to reaching the export limit set by the EU to avoid exceeding the quota. Updated export rules were also introduced for eggs, poultry, corn, cereals, and honey.

This was reported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. "On June 1, the government introduced a zero sugar quota, which will be in effect until the end of the year. However, Ukrainian agricultural producers continue to export sugar to Africa, the Middle East, and the UK," explained Taras Vysotskyi, acting Minister of Agrarian Policy.

The fact is that the annual quota of 262 thousand tons has already been exhausted. The Ukrtsukor Association has asked the government to stop sugar exports, as Ukrainian exporters have already reached the limit for this year, as stipulated by the EU decision.

In general, according to Mr. Vysotskyi, there is enough sugar production for domestic consumption. This means that no shortage of the product and its prices are expected.

In addition to sugar, the government's resolution also imposes restrictions on the export of other agricultural products to the EU. In particular, export quotas for poultry meat and by-products are set at 132.3 thousand tons, including 3.7 thousand tons of turkey meat and by-products.

These changes may significantly affect the sugar market in Ukraine and the country's export opportunities. The reduction of quotas to zero means that Ukrainian producers will not be able to export sugar to the EU until the end of the year, which could lead to a surplus of products on the domestic market and potentially lower prices.

At the same time, the government seeks to ensure a balance in the market and compliance with the terms of the agreements with the EU. Given the high rate of exports, this decision may help to avoid exceeding the established quotas and ensure stability in the domestic sugar market.

According to government sources, this decision is part of a broader strategy to control agricultural exports to ensure compliance with international agreements and support the domestic economy. Future changes in export policy will depend on the development of the market situation and negotiations with partners in the EU.

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