Passengers of "Ukrzaliznytsia" with an electronic ticket will be punished: in which trains the rule applies

Ukrzaliznytsia reminded passengers of an important rule for international trips
Ukrzaliznytsia reminded passengers of an international trip of an important rule. Source: Unsplash

E-tickets make traveling by rail much easier, and many Ukrainians have already tried it. However, smartphone tickets are valid only in the territory of Ukraine because printed railway tickets are required for international trips.

This was reminded to passengers by "Ukrzaliznytsia". In particular, this rule applies to trips to Austria and Hungary, as they are operated in partnership with local railways.

"They have their own rules: the ticket must be printed. Why is this so? Ukrainian RIC cars (direct train No. 749 Kyiv – Vienna ) or a Hungarian train (No. 146 Chop – Vienna ) are used for transit traffic. During the trip, representatives of railway companies can check travel documents, make appropriate marks on them, and record statistics and reporting data," the railway operator explained.

''Ukrzaliznytsia'' passengers explained which trains they needed to print tickets for

It should be borne in mind that ticket checking on such trains is an integral part of mutual control. Their cost is distributed among the railways of the countries in proportion to the number of kilometers traveled by passengers on their territory.

To ensure that passengers do not forget to print out a ticket to Vienna or Budapest, a pop-up notification will be sent to their mobile phone after they purchase it online. In addition, the e-ticket form also contains labeled information about the need to print it.

Passengers who fail to comply with this requirement may face problems. In particular, the Hungarian or Austrian railways may require them to pay for transit traffic.

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