EU adopts 14th package of sanctions against Russia: how the Kremlin's LNG was restricted

EU imposes another package of sanctions against Russia
EU imposes another package of sanctions against Russia. Source: REUTERS

The Council of the European Union (EU) has introduced a new, 14th sanctions package against Russia over its aggression against Ukraine. The new restrictions will in particular apply to the re-export of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the circumvention of existing sanctions.

This was reported by the EU Council. "These measures are aimed at valuable sectors of the Russian economy such as energy, finance and trade, and to make it even more difficult to circumvent EU sanctions," the statement said.

"Our sanctions have already significantly weakened the Russian economy and prevented Putin from carrying out his plans to destroy Ukraine, while he continues his illegal aggression against civilians and civilian infrastructure. The 14th package of sanctions demonstrates our unity in support of Ukraine and our commitment to curb Russia's criminal activities against Ukrainians, including efforts to circumvent EU measures," said Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Among other things, EU companies have been banned from using the Bank of Russia's financial messaging system and from conducting transactions with companies that use it. The EU media, political parties, and analytical organizations are prohibited from accepting funds from Russian sources.

Restrictions have been imposed on the use of the Union's infrastructure for re-exporting LNG from Russia. Investments, provision of goods, technologies and services for the completion of LNG projects, such as Arctic LNG-2 and Murmansk LNG, are also prohibited.

The EU included 61 firms from Russia, China, the UAE, and Turkey in the 14th package of sanctions, which imposed restrictions on the export of dual-use technologies. Sanctions were imposed on 27 vessels belonging to the Russian "shadow fleet".

The EU has banned its airlines from operating charters and private flights around the world at the request of individuals and legal entities from Russia. Trade restrictions, including:

  • ban on imports of helium from Russia;
  • a ban on exports of manganese ores, a number of types of plastic, rare earth elements, and electronic components.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that the EU had extended the "Crimean" sanctions imposed on Russia over the illegal occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula. The sanctions include a ban on imports of goods from Crimea, restrictions on investments and exports of certain goods and technologies for Crimean companies.

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