200 new power plants to be built in Ukraine: how the power system will be saved from shelling

Ukrenergo explained how to change the energy system to withstand Russia
Ukrenergo explains how to change the energy system to withstand Russia. Source: Freepik

Ukraine needs to rebuild its energy system to decentralize it and introduce renewable energy sources. To do this, the country plans to build up to 200 new medium and small power plants.

According to NPC Ukrenergo, this should make the power system more resistant to Russian attacks, as it will be harder for the enemy to hit more power plants. To be effective, distributed generation should replace centralized generation over the next three years.

In addition to energy security, this will make the power system much more flexible. According to Telegraf, this was stated by Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Board of Ukrenergo.

"Nuclear power will remain the basis of Ukrainian generation. But renewable energy sources will be developed, such as solar and wind power plants, because they are cheaper than all the others. I really hope that hydropower will develop, because it is a competitive advantage of any energy system. This always means that electricity will be cheaper, and there is flexibility in the system, which is necessary for balancing," he said.

Kudrytskyi noted that a number of energy projects have already been launched in Ukraine, with a focus on installing energy storage systems. This is currently a priority for Ukraine: during the full-scale Russian invasion, the connection of 1.2 GW of private storage facilities to the national grid was agreed upon.

"To make this process go faster, we need money from private investors. We need to create the right conditions for them in the Ukrainian electricity market so that the investments they make in our energy sector are profitable. And investors should understand the rules of the game in the domestic market," said the CEO of Ukrenergo.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, due to Russian missile strikes, the Ukrainian power system lost 8 GW of capacity and is forced to cover this deficit through imports and emergency assistance from Western partners. At the same time, the authorities intend to develop decentralized generation to minimize the consequences of Russian strikes.

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