How to triple your cucumber crop: the tricky bean method

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The right neighborhood will simplify the feeding of cucumbers

Sufficient watering, proper care and timely fertilization are the three pillars on which any harvest rests. But to increase the number of cucumbers that you take off your bed, you can with the help of the right neighborhood with other plants.

OBOZREVATEL asked what cultures can increase the yield of cucumbers. And reminds how to properly care for this vegetable.

Good neighbors for cucumber

Plants from the legume family are an ideal match for cucumbers. Peas, beans and other related species saturate the soil with nitrogen. In particular, they support the activity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in the soil. And those already give the substance a form that is most easily assimilated by plants.

Separately, attention should be paid to beans. In addition to enriching the soil, it also protects the cucumber bed from pests and diseases. Therefore, the plant can give a larger and stronger harvest.

Proper care of cucumbers

Since the cucumber fruit consists almost entirely of water, the plant needs to be watered properly. In hot weather, watering should be daily and water should be applied under the root to avoid rotting parts of the plant.

As for feeding, in addition to nitrogen, cucumbers also need urea and calcium nitrate. It will also be good to alternate mineral fertilizers with organic fertilizers. In this case, the fruits will grow strong and fragrant.

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