How to dry clothes so that there is no smell of dampness: the secret is revealed online

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To make your laundry smell good, you need to dry it properly

If you dry clothes indoors at low temperatures, and we are preparing for such conditions for the coming winter, this can result in an unpleasant damp smell. That's because drying in this way takes a long time and the bacteria on the fabric multiply, producing an odour.

Cleaning specialist Anne Russell shared a way to avoid this problem on her TikTok with life hacks, which is followed by more than 2 million people. First of all, she advises washing the smelly clothes again and then drying them by turning on a fan nearby. In winter, it can be a fan heater - you'll get a double benefit at once.

It is not necessary to dry many things at once - they should hang freely, so that the water evaporates quickly and completely. And the fan will speed up this process. Without moisture, bacteria will not have time to multiply and things will smell fresh.

The expert's subscribers also gave some advice. For example, several commenters shared that white vinegar, which they add to their clothes when washing, helps to eliminate the smell of dampness. This trick was called effective even for old washing machines that smell of mould due to age. And another way to speed up the drying of clothes, according to Ann Russell's followers, is to hang them on hangers and door jambs.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, drying clothes on radiators is considered a bad idea by experts and gives at least three reasons for this.

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