Expert named the things that cannot be washed in a washing machine

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What not to wash in the washing machine

Hand washing is sometimes too time-consuming and energy-consuming, and dry cleaning is far from being a cost-effective "pleasure", so people are often tempted to throw everything into the washing machine. However, it is better not to do this. There are clothes that can be damaged in the washing machine or spoil the household appliances themselves.

This was told by Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, a British company that operates an online laundry delivery service. His recommendations were published by

The expert does not recommend putting underwear in the washing machine. In particular, bras. The fasteners on them can catch on other delicate fabrics and tear them. In addition, there is a risk that these fasteners will get stuck in the walls of the drum and damage the machine. It can also stretch the bra itself, ruining its delicate materials and original shape.

Ties are also best washed by hand or dry-cleaned. Most of them are made of delicate fabrics: silk or wool. In the washing machine, they can lose their original quality or "dye" other things.


It goes without saying that coins and keys are never put in the washing machine on purpose, but the laundry expert recommended "taking extra care" not to put them in by mistake.

Deyan explained: "Metal can damage your washing machine's drain pump and scratch its insides, so always check your pockets before loading."

Children's clothes also need special attention when washing in the machine. Especially tiny socks for babies. If you have a mountain of dirty clothes and you can't wash them by hand, use special laundry bags for machine washing.

"They can get stuck inside the drain holes of the washing machine, which can affect the efficiency of the washing machine and even cause flooding. I would recommend putting them in small mesh bags to avoid losing them among the clothes and inside the washing machine," Dimitrov commented.


Most silk products, including clothing and bed linen, require dry cleaning, as high temperatures can tear delicate fabrics. In addition, they can lose their shape during the spin cycle.

"You can also run the risk of staining other clothes, as dyes from coloured silk often get on other fabrics," the expert said.

Clothes with zips and a large number of buttons in the washing machine pose a great risk to the machine and the clothes themselves if they are not properly protected.

"Zippers and buttons can get stuck in the drum of the machine or damage other things in the washing machine, so be sure to fasten all your clothes before putting them in the washing machine," the expert advised.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, many users may have noticed a bulge on the doors of front-loading washing machines, the purpose of which is not known to everyone. A blogger from Southington, USA, named Renee told us about the real purpose of this bump.

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