Don't do it: 5 make-up mistakes that visually age you

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How to do make-up for women over 50

High-quality and effective make-up depends not only on the cosmetics you use, but also on the application of techniques that are suitable for your skin type and age. For example, older ladies should keep in mind that trying to hide all their wrinkles, they can only add a few, or even more, extra years to their lives.

This can happen due to the wrong shade of lip or eye pencil, as well as due to applying too much foundation. OBOZREVATEL has figured out the 5 main mistakes to avoid in an anti-age make-up to look young and confident even at 50+.

Applying too thick a foundation

Many women apply heavy or dense foundation to hide fine lines and wrinkles, but this can have the opposite effect. The product often gets clogged in the pores and accentuates the signs of ageing.

Make-up artists suggest replacing foundation with a tinted moisturiser, as it allows the skin to "glow", which makes women 50+ look fresher. Those who are worried that such a cream is not thick enough to hide imperfections should use concealer to "correct" individual areas.


Apply powder over the entire surface

In addition to not applying a thick layer of foundation, it is best to avoid applying powder to all areas of the face. This loose cosmetic product settles in any lines and wrinkles. Instead, apply powder only to the T-zone, which usually shines more than other areas.


Not using an eyeshadow primer

The main functions of a primer are to fix make-up, protect the skin from external influences and even out skin tone. The older you get, the more your make-up can slip and shift. That's why you should apply an eye primer before applying your eyeshadow to ensure that your make-up lasts all day.

Not using lip liner

With age, the level of collagen in a woman's body decreases, and natural plump lips become a thing of the past. To restore their former expressiveness, use a lip liner. Make-up artists recommend using a colour that is slightly deeper than the natural shade of your lips. Start drawing from the edge of the line and then fill in the remaining space, creating the effect of "full" lips.

Use soft shades of pink or champagne to paint the centre. This will create the illusion of depth.


Too dark eyebrows and eyeliner

If your goal is to look more youthful, you shouldn't emphasise your eyes with rich black shades. Replace them with softer shades of brown. You can experiment with green or blue eyeliner. Make-up artists note that when using black, there is a risk of making the eyes appear smaller than they actually are. The ideal option would be to apply dark brown eyeliner on the upper lid, and then white or nude eyeliner on the lower lid. This will "open" and brighten your eye.

Also, beauties over 50 should not draw black or dark brown eyebrows. It is better to choose pencils from the light brown palette.


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