Protect your hair from the sun: 5 most stylish hats for summer 2023

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Stylish hats for summer 2023.

Sunstroke is not the only reason why you need to wear a hat in summer. The obvious disadvantage is that your hair burns out. In addition, ultraviolet light destroys keratin protein (hair is 90% keratin). The result is thin and brittle hair. Also, the skin on the top of the head can burn, and hence the peeling, itching, and irritation.

Find out in the OBOZREVATEL article which hats are in trend in the summer of 2023. They will keep your hair well-groomed and healthy.

1. Headscarf

A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories. Especially in one colour or with a floral, abstract or animal print. It can be worn as a headband or bandana, tied around a bun or ponytail. Choose products that are healthy for your hair: silk or satin. If the scarf suddenly starts to fall off, secure it with invisible bands.


2. Cap

This headwear is suitable for fans of sporty or casual style. Choose caps in a light palette, without patterns or inscriptions. This way, there are more chances that they will not go out of fashion and will fit well into any look. An interesting styling option is the total look. That is, clothes and a cap in the same colour.


3. Headband

If you are inspired by the aesthetics of the end of the last century, then complement your outfit with a headband. A wide one will suit sporty looks, while a thin one will suit casual and romantic ones. This accessory can also become a bright accent if you wear pastel coloured clothes.


4. Panama

Panama adds naivety and lightness to the look. Pay attention to models with not too wide brims in milk, mocha, camel or olive. Combine them with loose-fitting tops (T-shirts or shirts) and shorts or skirts.


5. Straw hat with a wide brim

This option is suitable not only for relaxing on the beach. Feel free to wear straw hats in the city. They look most impressive with a dress combination. Choose hats without "torn" details and with a large or small weave.


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