Making you look like an "old woman"! The four worst hairstyles for women after 30 years. Photo

Worst hairstyles for women after 30

As we age, the structure and quality of our hair changes noticeably. A decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels affects the fact that the thickness of the hair is lost. The strands become more brittle and their color becomes dull. In addition, age-related changes are reflected in the face: wrinkles, pigmentation, thinness and pallor of the skin. However, all of this can be concealed with a properly chosen haircut. But if you make a hairstyle from the list "Forbidden after 30", then you can only emphasize all the disadvantages and "imperfections".

OBOZREVATEL offers to get acquainted with such insidious haircuts. They should not be done if you want to look younger.

The carriage with short straight bangs


Such a haircut will make the face visually larger, and the line of bangs will emphasize the wrinkles on the forehead. Few people wear such a hairstyle looks stylish and attractive. If you are a fan of bangs and you really do not want to say goodbye to them, then look at its torn or oblique variations.

A boyish haircut


In fact, short haircuts on older ladies look very expensive and elegant. However, making an ultra-short base-cut or pixie is an extremely risky venture that can end in failure. Stylists recommend choosing the "golden mean" - to do a shortened bob or a graduated bracket. The hair will also be short, but it will also be voluminous, which will make it look younger.



Symmetrical haircuts a la "pot" or, as it is also called, "cap" - has long been irrelevant option, which on the ladies after 30 looks ridiculous. However the main disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it emphasizes all the age spots on the face, making them more noticeable for others. But asymmetric haircuts are a good option for beauties 30+.

Long hair with a straight cut


As we wrote above, the structure of hair deteriorates with age. It happens to everyone individually, but the older a woman gets, the worse her long locks look. Therefore, the desire to maintain the length is not reasonable. It is better to say goodbye to "tired" strands and a flat cut, and instead make a medium length with graduation or lengthened braids.

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