"It's sad to see childhood heroes grow old": 69-year-old Jackie Chan's appearance alarmed his fans

The appearance of the legendary actor Jackie Chan greatly alarmed fans

Legendary action movie actor Jackie Chan is about to turn 70, and his fans are sounding the alarm. Not long ago, they sat hypnotized in front of their TV screens, watching a variety of live stunts, and now they are watching his graying hair. The only thing that has remained unchanged over the years is his sincere smile.

Back in 2021, he was seen with rich brown hair and a fresh look, and in 2024 he went public in a white "look" with a beard and deep wrinkles, which immediately indicated his advanced age. One of the users of the social network X drew attention to this.

"A recent photo of Jackie Chan, who will soon turn 70," he wrote and added a photo of the legendary actor from a recent event in Sichuan, China.

''It's sad to see childhood heroes grow old'': 69-year-old Jackie Chan's appearance alarmed his fans

In the comments, other Internet users immediately reacted with nostalgia for the young Jackie Chan and gratitude for creating memories from childhood and youth: "It's sad to see childhood heroes grow old, but that's life," "Thank you for the childhood memories," "God among mortal men. Jackie Chan is not just a great actor, but also a great person", "He ages beautifully, seeing him brings back so many memories".

According to the actor's fans, they could not imagine that they would ever see "Jackie Chan in an atypical image. It's like he should stay in the 90s."

But despite the years and the numerous injuries the star has suffered over the decades, Jackie Chan is still actively working on future projects, and fans of Kung Fu Panda can now hear the actor's voice in the original voiceover of the last fourth part as two characters - Master Monkey and Li Shang.

''It's sad to see childhood heroes grow old'': 69-year-old Jackie Chan's appearance alarmed his fans

Contrary to the public, 72-year-old "Ip Man" actor Sammo Hung believes that people are panicking because aging is a natural process.

"Who doesn't age? The main thing is to stay healthy as you age. Why did these people speak so badly of him? They act as if they don't age," he said on March 15 during the Hong Kong Film Awards, The Straits Time reports.

Jackie Chan's career began in early childhood when the actor was only 8 years old. Later, he studied martial arts and acrobatics at the Chinese Drama Academy, which became the basis for his worldwide recognition. His first steps in film were as a stuntman in various movies. However, thanks to his talent, he quickly moved up the ranks in the 1980s and 1990s and began to land leading roles in action films.

''It's sad to see childhood heroes grow old'': 69-year-old Jackie Chan's appearance alarmed his fans

In addition to his acting career, Jackie Chan has also worked as a director and producer. He founded his own company, Jackie Chan Cinema, which specializes in creating action movies, but recently hasn't been pleasing moviegoers with new films.

As OBOZ.UA reported earlier, Jackie Chan is also working on his music career. The actor and singer has already released 20 albums. He uses three languages in his work: Chinese, English, and Japanese.

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