He scared me in church: showman names Korchevnikov's diagnosis that makes him behave strangely in interviews

Rustam Solntsev named Korchevnikov's illness

Russian host and ex-participant of "House-2" Rustam Solntsev revealed that the strange behavior of propagandist Boris Korchevnikov during his interview with Putinists is due to the fact that he is completely deaf. According to the showman, he reads his text and his guests' answers, but the Kremlin benefits from exploiting the star.

This was the comment made by Solntsev in an interview with Dmitry Gordon. The Russian living in the U.S. who condemns the war in Ukraine confessed that he had warmly interacted with Korchevnikov in the past and even witnessed a gruesome incident in a church involving his comrade (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos and video).

"He's completely deaf. He reads from a substring, he reads the questions the guests ask. He speaks on some kind of hunch, without hearing them. That is, if we are talking about Korchevnikov, he is an absolutely sick man. Propaganda doesn't even feel sorry for him," said Solntsev.


The artist recalled that when he was 20 years old he was close friends with the presenter, went to concerts with him, and once on Easter he met the propagandist in church and was very frightened because of his behavior.

"I loved him as a man very much until one day I went into church on Easter and saw Boris among the people, standing over this big book and reading aloud. And that voice, the tone, how much it frightened me. I already knew then that he was, not to say he was f**ked, but everything was going to that point," Solntsev said.

Despite the good relationship in the past, the showman assured that he does not feel sorry for Korchevnikov, because he does not share his admiration for terrorism in Ukraine.

"Why should he be pitied? He's a bastard, a vivisectionist. He managed to scare me. I can't be frightened by anything in this life, but I was once frightened by Boris with this horrible exorcism of his, the demons that came out of him. There's no other word for it," Gordon's guest added.

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