Vasyl Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko

Ukrainian boxer, world champion
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Short biography

Vasily Anatolyevich Lomachenko - Ukrainian boxer, world champion.

Brief biography

Vasiliy Lomachenko was born on February, 17, 1988, in the city of Belgorod-Dnistrovskiy, Odessa Region.

He was engaged in boxing since childhood. For the first time Lomachenko put on boxing gloves when he was not even one month old.

For the first time he took part in the amateur boxing fight at the age of six and defeated his elder opponent.

Already at the age of sixteen, Vasiliy Lomachenko won the title of champion in the Ukrainian amateur category and also won the European cadet championship.

He received higher education, graduated from Odessa Pedagogical University named after Ushinsky.

In 2008 won the "gold" at the Olympic Games, which were held in Beijing. There Lomachenko won the Cup of the Best Boxer of the Olympics (without regard to weight categories).

In 2009 and 2011 he became the winner of two World Championships.

In 2012 he performed at the Olympics again (this time in London) and again won the title of Olympic Champion.

Lomachenko began his professional career in 2013, when he signed an agreement with the promotion firm Top Rank in the United States of America.

Lomachenko's iconic fights

  • Lomachenkoand Pedraza fight. The Ukrainian fought for several titles at once: WBA Super, WBO, and The Ring. Lomachenko won confidently, sending Puerto Rican Jose Pedraza to his knees twice in the eleventh round. The video of Lomachenko and Pedraza fight became one of the most popular videos of fights of the Ukrainian athlete.

  • Lomachenko vs. Linares fight. Vasyl Lomachenko's first appearance at another weight class. Despite a knockdown suffered in the sixth round - which was also the first of all Lomachenko fights - the Ukrainian won, putting Venezuelan Jorge Linares down in the tenth round, and earning both The Ring and WBA Super lightweight championship belts.

  • Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux fight. Defending his championship belt (WBO version) in the New York arena, Vasyl Lomachenko with his actions in the ring literally forced Guillermo Rigondeaux of Cuba to refuse to continue the fight in the sixth round.

  • Lomachenko vs . The fight for three world championship belts, as well as The Ring magazine belt between Ukrainian Lomachenko and British Luke Campbell will be held in August 2019.

Lomachenko's awards and titles

Vasyl Lomachenko is the WBO lightweight, featherweight and second featherweight champion of the world, as well as the WBA and The Ring lightweight champion of the world.

Lomachenko was awarded the Order of Merit III-I Degree. In addition, he is twice the best boxer in the world according to HBO channel.

Personal life

Vasyl Lomachenko is married. His spouse is Elena Lomachenko. The married couple brings up two children - Anatoly and Victoria.

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Lomachenko's championship fight disrupted after Davis ceases all negotiations

Lomachenko's championship fight disrupted after Davis ceases all negotiations

It was originally scheduled for the fall of 2024