Poland to buy 1,000 K2 tanks and wants to create the strongest land army in Europe

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Poland plans to buy 1,000 K2 tanks for its army

The Polish Ministry of National Defense plans to buy 1,000 K2 tanks from South Korea for its army. The ministry wants to create the strongest land army in Europe and pays great attention to arming armored units with tanks.

This was announced by the head of the Polish defense ministry Mariusz Blaszczak, reported the PAP publication. Poland has signed a contract for the delivery of 180 vehicles, which will arrive by 2025. The first ones are already in service with the Polish army.

"The next step is the acquisition of 820 K2PL tanks, i.e. a polonized version of this tank," the minister added, specifying that a joint Polish-South Korean armed consortium has been established for this purpose.

According to Blaszczak, the country aims to maximize the involvement of the Polish defense industry, so the authorities expect the first K2PLs to enter the army in 2026. These tanks, together with the US-made Abrams, will form the backbone of Poland's armored forces for the coming decades, the minister said.

"This is a landmark strengthening of our defense potential. We are building the strongest land army in Europe," Blaszczak said.

In addition, Poland intends to increase the size of its 175,000-strong army, strengthen air defense and meet the army's ammunition needs.

The K2 is a South Korean tank, equipped with extremely high running qualities, that weighs much less than its Western counterparts - only 55 tons. The maximum speed of the K2 is up to 70 km/h, on the ground - 50 km/h, acceleration to 32 km/h in 7 seconds.

We shall remind you that earlier Blaszczak said that Poland had moved troops to the border with Belarus. The military group was created to carry out the operation Rengaw, the purpose of which is deterrence and urgent response in case of need.

The Polish minister assessed the current situation on the border with Belarus as alarming. He expressed the opinion that Poland's border is in danger.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Poland's internal security agency detained in the country has already detained 16 people associated with the intelligence of the aggressor country Russia. The special services not only discovered the spies, but also found out the scheme by which they operate;

- "Wagner" mercenaries were spotted 2 kilometers from the border with Poland. They had already made an attempt to break through from the territory of Belarus. In this regard, the Polish side is considering the option of complete closure of the border.

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