"We shouldn't be intimidated by power games": Scholz reacted to the parade in Moscow and called for support for Ukraine

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The EU should continue to support Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reacted to the May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow. He said that the world should not be frightened by the power games of Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin.

Scholz also called on Western partners to support Ukraine. The German chancellor made the statement during a speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Reuters reported.

"2,200 kilometers northeast of here, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is flaunting his soldiers, tanks and missiles today," he said.

The German leader stressed that the European Union should not be afraid of Moscow's demonstration of military power, but should continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary.

"We should not be intimidated by such power plays! Let us remain steadfast in our support for Ukraine - for as long as it takes!" - Scholz said.

On Tuesday, May 9, there is a victory parade on Red Square in Moscow. However, the aerial part of the event was suddenly canceled.

It should be noted that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin spoke at the victory day parade . The Kremlin leader cynically stated that a real war has been unleashed against Russia today.

At the same time, the dictator said that the goal of Russia's opponents today is to achieve its disintegration and destruction.

Kyiv, according to Putin, "has become a hostage of the coup d'etat and a bargaining chip in the hands of the West".

Recall: a number of foreign leaders, mostly from Asian countries , arrived that day to keep the Kremlin dictator company. Kyrgyz President Sadyr Zhaparov, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and self-proclaimed leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko attended the parade.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, ISW believes that Putin is trying to use the May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow to demonstrate Russia's continued influence in Central Asia. The later confirmation of the participation of leaders from the region probably indicates their reluctance to show direct and public support for the war that Russia has unleashed in Ukraine.

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