"War in Israel should not weaken support for Kyiv": Stoltenberg reminded that Ukraine needs weapons too

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Stoltenberg calls for support for Ukraine
Stoltenberg calls for support for Ukraine

Ukraine needs quality weapons and more military assistance, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said. Investing in Ukraine's security is also an investment in the security of the entire North Atlantic Alliance.

The organization's Secretary General said this at a meeting of the North Council in Oslo, Norway, on October 31, Voice of America reports. He emphasized that the war in Israel should not reduce support for Kyiv.

Since the Russian Federation does not plan to stop, "we must continue to support Ukraine," the politician said. "And I say this because I want peace in Ukraine. President [Vladimir] Putin can stop the war today by giving up attacking his neighbor. Ukraine has no such opportunity. If Ukraine stops defending itself, it will be occupied. And occupation is not peace," he said.

The defense forces of our country are confronting the enemy with courage and determination, but this is not enough to intercept the missiles. We need military equipment and ammunition.

According to the NATO Secretary General, Moscow has already lost because it has lost tens of thousands of soldiers, a large amount of equipment, and political influence.

"The invasion of Ukraine is a strategic defeat for Russia," Stoltenberg said.

He asserts that all NATO countries agree that Kyiv should become a part of NATO. In July 2023, the Allies made three important decisions at the summit in Vilnius, Lithuania to make this happen.

"First, we removed one of the two stages of the membership process. We canceled the MAP requirement and thus made the path much shorter. Second, we created a completely new political platform: the NATO-Ukraine Council, where we meet as equals for consultations and can make decisions. And thirdly, we have adopted a comprehensive package that ensures full interaction between the forces of Ukraine and NATO," Stoltenberg explained.

He summarized, "If Putin wins in Ukraine, it will be a tragedy for Ukrainians. But it is also dangerous for us. It will make us more vulnerable. The message to Putin and other authoritarian leaders will be that if they use military force, they will get what they want."

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- Earlier, Jens Stoltenberg promised that the North Atlantic Alliance would continue to help Ukraine despite Israel's war with Hamas militants.

- On October 11, the first meeting of the new format, the NATO-Ukraine Council, took place. The parties discussed, among other things, the main needs of Kyiv before the winter season.

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