Trump reveals that Biden should not have promised Ukraine to join NATO because it "started a war"

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He also believes that Biden made false statements

Donald Trump, former US President and current rival of Joe Biden in the upcoming election, has revealed that Biden should not have promised Ukraine to join NATO. Trump believes that this is why the war allegedly "started."

He expressed this opinion during the All In podcast. Trump said that Ukraine's intention to join NATO provoked Russia's invasion.

"I've been hearing for 20 years that if Ukraine joined NATO, it would be a serious problem for Russia. I think that's why the war started," Trump said.

He also believes that Biden made false statements, including the promise of Ukraine joining NATO. "When I heard him talk about it, I thought: this man could start a war," Trump added.

Trump emphasized that a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine would not have broken out under his presidency. He also suggested that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin was probably going to use military pressure to negotiate.

"For four years, no one even said that Russia would attack Ukraine. It would never have happened. Russia was not going to attack Ukraine. As soon as I left (the White House), they started lining up at the borders. And I thought that Putin must be – he's a good negotiator – I thought he was doing this for negotiations. Then out of the blue, they attacked... Biden was saying the opposite of what I think he should have been saying. The things he said and still says are crazy," Trump said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

– Donald Trump's public statements indicate his opposite position. Recently, during a campaign event in Detroit, the politician criticized the extent of support for Ukraine and, distorting the facts, called President Volodymyr Zelenskyy "the best sales agent of all politicians." Trump has promised that if he wins the election, he will "solve the issue" before he "enters the White House as president."

– Earlier, Trump promised to end the war in Ukraine quickly if he won – within "24 hours," even before taking office.

– He also said that if he had been president of the United States, and not Joe Biden, Russia would not have attacked Ukraine, and Hamas would not have attacked Israel.

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