"This calculation will not work": Scholz urges the US to join Europe in sending a message to Putin

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Scholz calls on the West to send Putin a clear message: his counting on "fatigue from Ukraine" is futile

German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz is convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin should receive a clear message from Europe and the United States: his calculation that Russia will be able to wait until the West leaves Ukraine alone with the aggressor will not work. The head of the German government also expressed hope that the U.S. Congress would finally approve new aid for Ukraine and that European countries would increase their support for the Ukrainian army.

Scholz said this during a briefing after a meeting with his French counterpart, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, DW reports. The statement was made on the eve of the German politician's visit to Washington, which will take place on February 8.

Scholz once again called on Western partners not to reduce the amount of assistance to Ukraine, which has been resisting Russian aggression for almost two years.

"I strongly advocate that the United States and all EU member states make such a large contribution that the Russian president's expectation that this issue will resolve itself will not be justified," the German chancellor said.

The politician added: "Putin hopes that the West will eventually get tired of the war and support for Ukraine. Russia can only wait until this fatigue unleashes its hands. However, Scholz is confident that the United States and European countries will be able to continue to help Ukraine and thus send a clear message to the Russian dictator: his hopes will not be realized.

"This message must be sent to him by both the United States and Europe: this calculation does not work. We will support Ukraine," the German Chancellor said.

As a reminder, on February 5, it became known that the US Senate presented a compromise version of the agreement on aid to Ukraine. It may be put to a vote as early as February 7.

Meanwhile, former U.S. President Donald Trump urged not to vote for a compromise deal with money for Ukraine, and U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican, said that Congress would vote on aid to Israel separately this week.

In response, US President Joe Biden threatened to veto the bill on aid to Israel if it did not include Ukraine.

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