"The war in the Gaza sector is going better than expected," says Netanyahu

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Netanyahu stated that the war in Gaza is progressing "better than many expected

Israel's conflict with Hamas is progressing "better than many expected," according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Simultaneously, Netanyahu acknowledges that the Israeli army faces a more challenging task compared to the U.S. and its allies in Iraq combating ISIS.

Netanyahu emphasized that the Israel Defense Forces' progress against Hamas has exceeded expectations. He stated, "It took the United States and its allies nine months to defeat radical forces in Mosul (during the 2016-2017 war against ISIS in Iraq).

Mosul is smaller than Gaza and did not have a massive terrorist underground infrastructure. We are now in the fourth month, but we have had some difficult days."

Regarding his stance on ending hostilities, Netanyahu asserted that, despite external perceptions, he represents the majority viewpoint of Israelis. He addressed criticism from some in the United States, stating, "Some people in the United States think that I am an obstacle to peace with the Palestinians. They don't realize that I reflect the viewpoint of the majority of Israelis."

As a reminder, the International Court of Justice recently ordered Israel to prevent genocide in the Gaza Strip.

The decision mandates Israel to prevent the killing or injury of Palestinians in Gaza, take measures against incitement to genocide, and provide urgent assistance to address adverse living conditions in Gaza.

Hamas welcomed the ICC's decision, while Israel denounced it as a "disgusting attempt to deprive the country of its right to defense.

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