The use of Starlink terminals by the Russian army: the US Congress has launched an investigation into Musk's company

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US launches investigation against Elon Musk's company

The U.S. Congress has responded to the massive use of Starlink satellite communications by the Russians in the war against Ukraine. House Democrats have initiated a parliamentary investigation into Elon Musk's SpaceX company.

The congressmen are concerned about statements by Ukrainian intelligence that Russian troops have deployed SpaceX terminals in the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine, which is potentially a violation of US sanctions. The Washington Post writes about this.

Democrats Jamie Raskin and Robert Garcia sent a letter to SpaceX demanding to explain whether SpaceX has taken the necessary protective measures to prevent the use of its satellite Internet service by the aggressor country Russia.

They also asked how the company cooperates with other U.S. agencies to prevent illegal trade in satellite terminals.

The letter also emphasizes that the invaders' use of the Starlink system poses a serious threat to the security of Ukraine, the lives of Ukrainians, and the national security of the United States.

"We are concerned that you may not have the appropriate safeguards in place," the letter, exclusively obtained by the publication, reads.

Starlink satellite communications have given Ukraine's defenders a significant advantage, providing the ability to constantly coordinate the actions of the military on the front line, control drones, and coordinate artillery strikes. Congressmen are concerned that Russian invaders could now benefit from Starlink in the same way.

The lawmakers are just beginning their investigation, but they plan to contact the Pentagon and other relevant agencies of jurisdiction.

"It is imperative that Russia be deprived of any trade that empowers its military," the lawmakers emphasized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

On February 10, the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence confirmed the use of SpaceX's Starlink by the occupiers and said that this practice was becoming systemic.

The fact of the use of American technology was recorded near Klishchiyivka and Andriivka in Donetsk region, the DIU reported. The agency explained that because of the sanctions, Moscow uses the so-called parallel import or smuggling.

Elon Musk called this information false and said that SpaceX did not transfer Starlink systems to Russia.

On February 12, DIU representative Andrii Yusov said that Starlink terminals are openly sold on online platforms in Russia. The occupiers use them at the front, and the Ukrainian military is working to neutralize the threat.

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