"The richest host and an exemplary family man": propagandists launched an online campaign to whitewash Carlson

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Propagandists launched an online campaign to whitewash Carlson

Kremlin propagandists have launched an active campaign to whitewash the reputation of the odious American journalist Tucker Carlson, who interviewed dictator Vladimir Putin. The Russians are trying to prove that the host allegedly did not take money for a complimentary conversation with the main war criminal of the Russian Federation.

The propagandists are trying to argue that Carlson is a multimillionaire. Information about the journalist's wealth has been actively disseminated in Russian social networks and media.

It is worth noting that the information about Carlson's million-dollar fortune was mainly of interest to Russian propaganda media, and immediately after the interview with Putin was published. The Russians actively spread the information that the journalist had hundreds of millions of dollars and that he allegedly no longer needed money.

Carlson's net worth was estimated to be $370 million, $190 million of which was an inheritance from his parents. Carlson earned a significant portion of his income as a host on Fox News. But he hasn't worked on TV for a long time, in part because of his sympathy for the "Russian world." Therefore, Carlson has lost a significant part of his popularity.

In addition to his income, propagandists managed to study Carlson's personal life. In the Russian media, he is presented as an "exemplary family man" who has been faithful to his wife Susan Andrews for more than 30 years. Moreover, they even mentioned the odious journalist's participation in the American show Dancing with the Stars. In 2006, his partner was Yelena Grinenko, a Russian native of Moscow and Russian ballroom dancing champion.

Propagandists whitewash Carlson's reputation
Hundreds of millions of dollars found in the possession of an odious host
Tucker Carlson conducted a scandalous interview with Putin
The network began to whitewash Carlson's reputation

During the interview, dictator Vladimir Putin accused the Poles themselves of the 1939 Nazi attack on Poland. According to the war criminal, Poland "forced" Adolf Hitler to attack it because it "played around" and was "too intransigent."

As OBOZ.UA reported, the interview was published on February 8. The Russian dictator repeated many well-known propaganda theses, for example, that "Ukraine as a state has never existed." This time, Putin said that Ukraine was allegedly invented by Joseph Dzhugashvili (Stalin) and the Poles.

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