The response will be swift and stern: The United States has threatened Iran in case of transferring rockets from Russia

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The US promised a swift and severe response in case of transfer of Iranian missiles to Russia

The United States of America has pledged not to overlook Iran's transfer of missiles to Russia, which may be utilized by the latter against Ukraine. Washington has warned that it will take "serious measures" against both Tehran and Moscow if the transfer is verified.

This statement was made by US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller on Thursday, February 28, as reported by Ukrinform. He emphasized that Washington has already shown its capability to act in close coordination with partners and allies in response to the military collaboration between Russia and Iran.

"If Iran proceeds to sell ballistic missiles to Russia, I can assure you that the international community will respond swiftly and decisively," stated the US foreign policy official.

Miller also confirmed that the United States had observed reports of Russia launching a space satellite for Iran, considering it as further evidence of deepening military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran.

"We have repeatedly openly cautioned that this partnership poses a threat to Ukraine, Iran's neighboring countries, and the international community," emphasized the official.

It is worth noting that according to Reuters, Iran has already transferred a significant quantity of potent surface-to-surface ballistic missiles to Russia. The shipment of these missiles commenced in early January, with at least four deliveries having been completed. Among them are a considerable number of Zolfaghar missiles.

Journalists report that Tehran has supplied Moscow with approximately 400 powerful ballistic missiles.

As per OBOZ.UA, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) suggests that the weapons sale to Moscow is part of Tehran's efforts to generate revenue to support its faltering economy. This level of cooperation between the countries has been reached following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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