"The only argument left": former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine explains what is behind Putin's nuclear threats

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Putin's threats
Putin's threats

Blackmailing with a nuclear strike and World War III is the only argument left for Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin. Strategically, things are going badly in Russia, so the head of the aggressor state is balancing between threats of escalation and statements about readiness for negotiations.

This opinion was expressed to OBOZ.UA by diplomat and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko. He noted that despite the threats, the situation for Russia "will not change".

"He may intimidate someone... He realizes that strategically things are going very badly in Russia and that he is losing on a large-scale lever. He sees how Europe, in particular, is consolidating and finding, strangely enough, hundreds of thousands of shells for Ukraine, which seem to be missing. And he realizes that this is just the beginning of the process because now they are just buying and looking for it. In six months, they will start producing it. And then there is no way to hope that Ukrainians will not have enough shells," Ohryzko said.

He called Putin's rhetoric "mindblowing": on the one hand, the dictator scares the world with a large-scale war, and on the other hand, he says, "Well, I am ready for talks because things will bad really soon, as you can see for yourself."

The diplomat believes that the Russian leader's threats "should be taken calmly."

Interview with Volodymyr Ohryzko.

As previously reported, Volodymyr Ohryzko noted that the international community has not actually recognized the so-called presidential election in Russia. However, the West has not yet "had the courage" to take the next step, which is not to recognize Vladimir Putin as the country's president.

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