"The next three days will be crucial": Ukraine's Ambassador to US on the adoption of aid in Congress

Nadiya DanyshchukWorld
Oksana Markarova commented on the prospects of voting for aid to Ukraine in the Congress

US aid to Ukraine is still under threat. The next three days will show whether the U.S. Senate will vote on new funding for Kyiv as part of a package that includes tougher U.S. migration policy.

This was stated by Ukraine's Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova during TV marathon. She noted that it does not matter to Ukraine whether the funding is voted on along with migration documents or not.

Markarova recalled that initially, the US wanted to vote on new funding for Ukraine separately, but then aid to Israel and border protection from migrants were added.

At the same time, according to the diplomat, the Congress had been saying all December that new funding for Ukraine is impossible without borders. Today, migration policy remains the main problem.

Now it doesn't matter to Ukraine whether the funding is voted for in packages or separately. The main thing is that these funds are allocated to help our country.

"The Senate has decided that it will vote on it together. The next three days will show whether this law will be voted together. Then it's up to the House. In order for any law to become law, both chambers must vote on it before the president signs it," Markarova explained.

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