The Kremlin scattered Wagnerians in different countries and mixed them with other mercenaries: the goal is named

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Russia mixes Wagner fighters with other mercenaries. Source: RosZmі

The aggressor country Russia mixes fighters from the Wagner PMC with other mercenaries and sends them on special missions around the world, including to Africa and Ukraine. The Russian government uses the same militants who once opposed Moscow.

This was reported by Politico, citing sources in the US presidential administration. Thousands of former Wagner fighters have been divided into at least four groups.

By mixing them with other mercenaries loyal to the Kremlin, Russia hopes to prevent a repeat of the events of last year, when Wagner, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose death in a plane crash was reported by the Kremlin, staged a rebellion against Russian dictator Putin.

"Part of the purpose of the restructuring is to provide more control over operations in general," said one of the American officials.

According to the journalists' interlocutors, the new private armies are already being deployed around the world for special missions, where they are expected to play the same destabilizing role on the world stage as they did under Prigozhin's command.

"The reconstituted paramilitary groups have already forced the Biden administration to withdraw troops from Niger and Chad, which has become a serious obstacle to the fight against terrorism, while simultaneously challenging US policy in the Central African Republic, Mali, Burkina Faso, Libya and other African countries," the article says.

One of the four groups, according to American journalists, is associated with the Russian National Guard. It was deployed to the front in Ukraine and lost a significant number of fighters. Two other groups operate under the control of the aggressor country's Defense Ministry and Moscow's special services. The fourth group, known as the African Corps, is affiliated with the Redoubt PMC. It is still working to take control of Wagner's former forces in some African capitals.

Politico writes that Moscow's recent approval of the command of these private mercenaries has huge implications for geopolitics. Particularly in Africa, it could undermine the Biden administration's efforts to fight terrorism, promote democracy, and establish diplomatic ties with newly formed regimes.

"The element of time is key here. Russia can give these countries what the U.S. cannot, and immediately," said one U.S. official, referring to Moscow's ability to use private militias to covertly supply arms and ammunition to newly formed military governments in Africa. "And many leaders of these countries are tired of the US lecturing them about democracy," the source added.

By law, the United States cannot provide assistance to governments that have seized power through military coups, which effectively puts it one step behind Russia in such situations.

Moscow's direct control over the paramilitary groups may also persuade some African countries that have previously shunned Wagner, which is under global sanctions as a criminal organization, to reconsider their resistance, officials said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Russia is preparing a provocation against Ukraine, allegedly related to the illegal trafficking of Western weapons in Africa. The Kremlin plans to accuse Ukrainian special forces of allegedly using US weapons during the fighting in Sudan, and intends to use fabricated photos of "trophies" captured by Wagner's men as evidence.

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