The Kremlin prepares to pardon Wagner PMC mercenaries who survived in Ukraine: it will be a challenge for Russia – British Intelligence

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It's time for Prigozhin to fulfill his promises

In the coming weeks, thousands of Russian prisoners who participated in the war against Ukraine as part of the Wagner PMC are likely to be pardoned. Released Wagnerites will create new problems for the Russian Federation.

This is stated in a summary of the British military intelligence, published on March 21. As noted, Wagner recruitment peaked in the fall of 2022, when prisoners were offered commuted sentences after six months of service.

"Although approximately half of the prisoners recruited have likely been killed or wounded, evidence from Russia suggests the group is following through on its promise to free survivors," the brief said.

The credentials issued to the freed Wagner members note that they were approved by a decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"With Wagner now likely banned from recruiting more prisoners, this exodus will worsen its personnel problems. In addition, the sudden influx of often violent offenders with recent and often traumatic combat experience will likely present a significant challenge for Russia's war-time society," according to British intelligence.


As OBOZREVATEL reported:

–  Prigozhin, the owner of the Wagner PMC, said that he plans to increase the grouping by 30,000 mercenaries by mid-May. According to him, the inflow of mercenaries increased after the PMC opened recruiting offices throughout Russia.

– Wagner PMC suffers heavy losses in the fighting for Bakhmut. According to military expert Oleksii Hetman, out of 45,000 "Wagnerites," only 7,000 remained at the front in Ukraine.

– Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin believes that the Wagner may disappear near Bakhmut, and Prigozhin himself faces death.

– The Wagner PMC is recognized in the United States as a transnational criminal organization.

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