The Key Question - F-16s: What to expect from "Ramstein-12" to Ukraine and when the transfer of fighters from the West is possible

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Ramstein meeting promises Ukraine long-awaited fighter jets

The 12th Ramstein summit of the defense ministers of Ukraine's partner countries, which will take place on May 25, will put the issue of the transfer of American F-16 fighter jets to our country in the spotlight. If this decision is made, deliveries of combat aircraft will be established in the long term and not just as a tool for a counterattack.

This was announced the day before by Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder. At a conference last April, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin received several requests from other countries asking the United States for permission to supply F-16s to Ukraine.

"They are also ready to start training Ukrainian pilots on the equipment that is in service with their armies. Where exactly in Europe the Ukrainian pilots will be trained, when they will start, which countries and according to what procedure the F-16s will be transferred - all these questions are the subject of discussion of the allies," the Pentagon representative pointed out.

Ramstein-12 also includes in the agenda the discussion of strengthening the air defense of Ukraine in conditions of massive missile attacks, as well as the launching of enemy combat drones. Therefore, the defense agencies of the NATO bloc will discuss an increase in supplies of air defense, missile defense and further maintenance of mobile systems.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that the prospect of the transfer of American-made fighter jets to Ukraine has stirred Moscow, which immediately threatened that the planes will become a "legitimate target" for the Russian army, as well as all other weapons coming from the Western countries.

The State Department has little regard for this agony, so it pointed out that for the Pentagon, the issue of supplying F-16s to the AFU remains a priority to support Kyiv amid the war with Russia.

As early as last week, Biden and Sunak agreed that American and British pilots would begin joint training of Ukrainian colleagues to master the fighters. Norway has also joined them.

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