Szijjártó says Russia's war against Ukraine will last 4 more years: Slovak Foreign Minister puts Hungarian in his place

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The problem is Russia, not the EU, Wlachovský emphasized

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó complained that the European Union is allegedly preparing for the war in Ukraine to last another four years. Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Wlachovský responded to him by emphasizing that Russia, not the EU, was the problem.

Thus, a video of Szijjártó's statements was distributed by the representative of the Hungarian government Zoltán Kovács. In it, the Hungarian foreign minister complains that the EU is allegedly preparing for a long-term war in Ukraine (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

"The EU believes that the war in Ukraine will last another four years. How many people will die in those four years? How many Hungarians will die in four years? And how much more destruction will be created in four years, which then someone will have to liquidate?", - stated Szijjártó.

In turn, Wlachovský in his Twitter called on his Hungarian colleague not to speak on behalf of those whom he had not asked.

"Dear Péter, please don't tell me what other people think until you ask them. The EU is made up of 27 countries. I don't remember any debate when we said the war would last four years. The war could stop tomorrow. The EU is not the problem, Russia is the problem," the Slovak Foreign Minister emphasized.

He concluded his message with the Hungarian phrase Ruszkik haza! Legyen béke! ("Russians home! Let there be peace!") and added the number "1956," apparently recalling the uprising in Hungary suppressed by Soviet troops.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Hungarian government spokesman Gergely Gulyás repeated Moscow's propaganda narrative that the AFU counteroffensive had allegedly "failed." According to him, the losses of the parties to the confrontation allegedly should entail negotiations.

- Hungary has blocked the EU's allocation of 5bn euros for military aid to Ukraine. The government of Viktor Orbán demands that the Ukrainian NAIC exclude the Hungarian OTR Bank from the list of war sponsors.

- German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock and Szijjártó argued at a meeting in Brussels. Berbock criticized Szijjarto for refusing to approve additional aid to Ukraine and accused the Hungarian bank of violating international law.

- In early June, Orban said that the Ukrainian armed forces' counteroffensive could not be allowed He was "worried" that the operation would allegedly become a "bloodbath". He also once issued that the nature of the war in Ukraine was "incomprehensible" to him and supported all "peace plans" at once.

- Orban claimed that the Russian Federation could be defeated allegedly "only in a fairy tale," and promised to do everything for a "cease-fire and the start of negotiations."

- Hungarian President Katalin Novák said Russia should not win in Ukraine, but opposed military aid to Kiev and sanctions against Russia.

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