Seven Russians with weapons attacked four Ukrainians in Germany: one detained by police

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After the beating, the attackers fled

In Germany, seven Russians with weapons attacked four Ukrainians. The police have already detained one of the attackers.

This was reported by the German edition of Bild. It is noted that a group of young Russians deliberately provoked the Ukrainians on Burgerweide Street in Bremen.

The attack took place on Tuesday at about 8 pm. Four Ukrainians (all 19 years old) were sitting on a bench in a park near the main train station when a group of Russians approached them.

According to preliminary reports, they provoked a fight, shouted pro-Russian slogans (including "Freedom to Russia") and insulted the Ukrainians. At one point, a 16-year-old Russian pulled out a gun and hit one of the Ukrainians in the head.

After the beating, the attackers took the victim's watch and headphones and fled. Federal police were able to arrest the 16-year-old and hand him over to his legal guardians.

As a reminder, a man attacked children from Ukraine in Einbeck, Germany. The reason was that they spoke Ukrainian. After the beating, he threw the child into a canal.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in Berlin, Germany, a group of Russian-speaking men attacked two Ukrainian women. The attackers chased the girls, aged 24 and 25, in the subway and insulted them.

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